The Edge

As I end my stay here, in Back East room, I’ve been privileged each morning to wake up looking out acoss to the Edge, Bamford Edge. It rises 420 metres above the valley and has terriffic views at one end along the three Ladybower reservoirs. I’d like to bring my sons out walking here one weekend.

I climbed up my edge yesterday and got to the top. The wind blew. I sat and closed my eyes and spent 5 minutes trying to find God. I can’t say I did but it was soothing. The week has held moments like this, especially during morning meeting for worship, when I tried to find God in the stillness. I’m here. Find me, God. I’m waiting. I’m here. Where are you? And finding just a glimpse.


2 thoughts on “The Edge

  1. Rumi wrote:
    ‘Lo, I am with you always’ means that when you look for God,
    God is in the look of your eyes,
    in the thought of looking, nearer to you than yourself,
    or things that have happened to you
    There’s no need to go outside.

    Be melting snow.
    Wash yourself of yourself.

    with Monday morning blessings from Ginny

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