On Wednesday, 30 January, nine friends met for food, fellowship, meeting for worship and storyspace at Liverpool meeting house. That’s a strange word, storyspace. What does it mean? I’ve struggled to be clear about this myself. While Christina Baldwin describes it well enough in her book, ‘Storycatcher’, working out how to make it happen is a learning process.

I came close the Sunday before in the notices, observing that it is a rare chance for us to tell and share our stories or readings without interruption. These stories may emerge from our own or others’ spiritual journeys and everyday lives.

Some friends understandably thought it was an opportunity to read a story out aloud, expecting feedback. I’m sorry I didn’t explain it more clearly beforehand. There’s no need for direct comment. It’s not like that. Christina Baldwin is a Quaker. It shows in her writings. She’s also written notably about journalling, ‘Life’s Companion’. But I came across the best description of storyspace I know not in her writings but in Quaker Faith and Practice, 12.21, Worship Sharing and Creative Listening Groups. Storyspace is an exploration by creative listening. No wonder I felt I’d got to know my companions better, both those who spoke and those who listened quietly and attentively.

I found it a hugely enjoyable and moving experience and look forward to the next one, whenever Margaret lets me go again.

In friendship.

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