Bashful Bladder and Sticky Willy

A group of men were sitting round, talking in a cave and one of them said, ‘Do you know what Ramblers do for a pee?’ The others shook their heads. ‘The women find the netherside of a wall and pee in a row, out of sight. The men walk on a bit till they come to a bush or tree. It’s a lot easier for men,’ he added. ‘Not so,’ said said one of the others, a nurse, as it happened. ‘There is a well known condition, Bashful Bladder, it’s called, which affects a lot of men.’ Not everyone can pee, standing up next to their brothers, it seems.

The next day, a few of the men were busy working in the forest, tying leaves and branches onto a fallen tree. One of them said, ‘It looks like a dragon to me.’ Someone else said, ‘I think it looks like someone diving into the sea, disappearing under the waves.’ Still another said, ‘These leaves keep falling off. We need to find some sticky willy to tie it all on.

And is that so? Funny what you hear from men sitting around in caves.

2 thoughts on “Bashful Bladder and Sticky Willy

  1. May all the dragons in your path through this momentous year

    Shrivel before your righteous wrath or melt before your cheer!

    Love Marion

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