The Big Day Out 5.15 alarm comes.

 Radio goes…the Magnificat from Monteverdi’s Vespers.





p r a y e r


On the train, a flask of coffee and pieces of toast…seeds in the dough stick to my palette.

Child Spirit wellbeing

 …the ministry of children is worshiping…


‘I have always known that at last I would take this road, but yesterday I did not know that it would be today.’ Narihara, quoted in ‘Life’s Companion’ by Christina Baldwin, p.3.

I am afoot with my vision….I tramp a perpetual journey. (Walt Whitman, SONG OF THE OPEN ROAD, in Baldwin, p.8)…I wish.

A conscious self is able to experience in full awareness all the distinctly different components of the self, including feelings, needs, drives and values. A conscious self lives consciously. Gershen Kaufman/Lev Raphael, THE DYNAMICS OF POWER, in Baldwin p.8

 “How does one grow up?’ I asked a friend. She answered, “By thinking.”                                   Mary Sarton, JOURNAL OF A SOLITUDE, in Baldwin, p.10

I feel happy to be keeping a journal again. I’ve missed it, missed naming things as they appear, missed the half hour when I push all duties aside and savour the experience of being alive in this beautiful place.                                                                                                                                Mary Sarton, AT SEVENTY, in Baldwin, p. 10.

 Cement works and coal trucks pass by on the railway.

The paths of action and reflection…the walker and the watcher in Baldwin, p.11.

‘My journal is my life’s companion.’ (Baldwin, p.13) spirit companion


Life has taught me that it knows better plans than we can imagine, so that I try to submerge my own desires…into a calm willingness to accept what comes, and to make the most of it, then wait again.

Julie Seton, BY A THOUSAND FIRES, in Baldwin, p. 16.


Maggie’s ‘Journey in the Spirit’ is published!!


Arsenal v Everton in the FA Cup…’I bet you booked this day up ages ago, not thinking you’d get to the quarter final..?!’, I asked an Arsenal fan member of staff.


  • 1652 Country Pilgrimage cluster – Lisa , coordinator

Elfrida someone invented it in the 1950s.

From Pendle Hill to…Yealand or Sedburgh; to Firbank Fell, Preston Patrick or Swarthmore; Brigflatts, it’s up to you how you do it.

 Where are all the young people?

 George Fox hadn’t eaten for three days, or drunk much, when he found St Anne’s well on the side of Pendle Hill.

Volunteers – guides, companions, tea makers, drivers, storytellers – all needed. Or by Mountain Goat..? The map, the mist, the view…It can take two hours to drive to Pendle Hill, three hours to walk up and down, and two hours back in the coach. Day trips, linear or circular walks..? AM Gatherings…Walking in the footsteps of Fox.

 Fill in theYellow form if you want to volunteer for QL.

  • Three talks about Quaker Life Cluster work
  • James helping a meeting to explore membership
  •       Gillian supporting  a meeting facing compulsory           purchase
  • Sue, connectedness within meeting including two children’s groups


  • Conflict in Meetings Cluster

Reservations about threshing meetings”

“Explorations – feeling listened to and being heard”

“An absence of right ordering might cause the conflict.”


We used to have a Peace group,

till we all fell out

 Quaker Life needs a minute from a meeting or possibly a letter from elders and overseers before it can ask QL cluster members for help..

                                Things which cause the most problems within meetings                                   

Chairs, children, property and outreach


Text message from grandson to grandmother, ‘How bad can it be in a room full of Quakers?’


Conflict is natural. Suppressing or ignoring it leads to difficulties.

How does our meeting cope with conflict?                           Poorly   10000000010    Excellently


A meeting for healing? Friends can be very hurt and can hold on to their feelings for a very long time…

                                                                                …a failing meeting?


Don’t go on a pilgrimage.

You’ll end up murdering each other.


The Jesuit method of choosing between A and B…all argue the case for A, then silence or fasting. Then, all argue the case for B, followed by more silence and fasting…

Friends can always ring Friends House and ask to speak to Michael (Booth) or Oliver (Waterhouse).

4-1…we won..?!! The shake of the head…No, oh, well…

A big hug for a friend who is worried about something.

And then two bars of chocolate and a new copy of fairy tales and conflict and I was away. Well, almost. Met a young friend, Jenny, in the bookshop and told her about pilgrimage to 1652 country volunteer opportunities. Young friends may be interested. ‘Yes,’ she said, ‘I’ll tell them.’ conflict


Time for cake. I’m back on the train…and I recall a conversation I had with a friend, sitting on the terrace in the fresh air at coffee break. She asked, ‘Have you ever been to Friends’ House and not come away feeling slightly depressed?’ I thought, ‘ … when I’ve been to the bookshop..?’

But, maybe, that’s because it deals with all the shite, turns  our shite into compost?

There’s a thought!

big day out


2 thoughts on “Collage

  1. The old telegraphic address for Friends House was ‘Enhearten, London’. To me, it expresses in an outward and visible form the whole body of Friends nationally, and even (sometimes) worldwide. We are not just a Quaker crowd of six in a cold meeting room on a winter’s night, we are a national body of thousands all committed to doing our best to uphold the testimonies. The work there is ‘centrally administered’, but it is our work. We all need it.
    Quakerism is like a bicycle wheel: if the spokes were not in tension (correct tension) the wheel would be useless because it would collapse.
    So, in this context if not in others, I’m a glass half-full person. Friends House (or, rather, the people there and the work they do) never fails to enhearten me.

  2. Thanks for sharing your quatations. I keep special ones in the back of my diary. It’s better than a first aid box I find!

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