Moments of Truth

Moments 0414Moments of Truth shows us four stories that could happen to us. They may already have or you’re going to have to face or duck some such at some time. Two are written by members of the cast, Charles Rogan and Steve Donegan; one by the director, Tom Mclennan, and the first one by a Midland’s playwright, called Will Shakespeare.

Each tale involves people being placed in a dilemma. Have you had to cross a picket line? Have you? Have you not? Or go against the flow during a team meeting by saying what you believe to be right, even though it may cost you? Your job, your pension, your reputation…your friendships. Watch as four characters arrive at a tipping point and see what happens.

What I liked about the elements of these four playlets is that I’ve been here. ‘Don’t do it…Go on, say something…’ I heard myself saying. How different it is when you are faced with a decision or a choice in real life? We’ve all been here.

One by one, they let you look at the difficult next step. You know it’s coming. What are they going to do or say? What would you do? What did you do? And the answers aren’t always the ones you expect because these decisions are neither simple nor straightforward. Situations like these don’t just happen. There is usually a build-up of tension with surprising results.

I know from friends telling me that the National Theatre is preforming ‘King Lear’, broadcast live in cinemas around the country tomorrow, 1 May. Having watched the first scene here, I definitely would like to see it.

And there’s another chance tonight and tomorrow, 29 and 30 April 2014,to see for yourself the four stories, presented here – set in a supermarket, a school, a council office. They’re playing at the Lantern Theatre, surely the most charming theatre space in Liverpool.

Our thanks go to all the hardworking WEA students and their tutor, Tom, for an evening of thoughtful observation. Lots of individuals and groups are talking about the changes taking place in our society today? Drama is a powerful way of sharing our stories and it’s good to see our students having a go. There’s more we can do, so if you would like to get involved, then contact a member of the Merseyside team at or look on our website – .


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