The Sock Drawer


ankle socks, white socks, pull ‘em off socks, grey socks, short socks, ¾ length for school socks, brinylon socks, my first yellow football, Everton away socks; sports socks, white socks, snug and fit to smash an ace or grab the winning goal socks.


fluorescent socks, green socks, blue socks, orange socks, towelling socks, dancing an ark, like a fool at the lakeside. Yellow socks, a gift for a friend, frayed at the heel; parting socks.


new socks, Christmas socks, wedding socks and dance socks; smelly socks, student socks, soaping palm-wide heels in the bath socks; baggy socks, saggy socks, wet and dry and unrecollected socks; holey socks.


Piles of socks, boring socks, work socks, mixed socks, lost socks, single socks, rediscovered and reunited socks; green and yellow and orange celebratory socks, surprising socks, patterned socks, stripey socks, walking socks, woolly socks, darned socks, slipper socks, bedsocks, a double layer against the cold; sandy socks.


No socks, sandals.


Whose socks?  Your socks?



5 thoughts on “The Sock Drawer

  1. And all those socks in sock heaven that just disappeared leaving their partner without so much as ‘I’m off’ to explore the back of the washing machine’s entrail or the garden next door! I get the job of consoling the bereaved in a special drawer marked abandoned!

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