Dear Tom

wpid-20141024_205206.jpgI’ve been thinking about you a lot lately, since you came home. I think what you did was amazing. You’re amazing. I know you wanted to go and look how well it’s turned out for us with all the gold we got for you. We’ll never have money worries again and it’s thanks to you. Your mum’s happy. You only have to look at all the meat pies and summer fruit puddings she makes for your tea. It’s just that…I feel responsible…I’m your dad and I let you go.

Those three days you were away were the worst of my whole life. And when you came back, telling us about hiding in mouse holes and sleeping rough under snail shells, well, it made my blood boil to think what could have happened to you. But it didn’t, did it? Far from it, you had the time of your life! Falling in with thieves and you, their captain, Tom. Not many people can say they’ve flown out the King’s Tower on the back of the silver piece or been eaten by a cow, finding yourself in its middle stomach or nearly ending up as the main filling in a black sausage.

I don’t know where you get it from. Not from me, for sure. Don’t they say it skips a generation? Mind you, even when you were little, you were always quick witted and light on your feet. And not once, not once, in all that time did I think I didn’t want you back here. That fox was welcome to my two best chickens. It was worth it to get you back. Just that, just a small part of me was glad you were gone.

Don’t get me wrong, son. It’s great having you here. You’re company for your mum while she works. You make her laugh. You know people come from all over to buy her clothes. She’s learned so much from making your tiny ones! Well, she’ll never let you out of her sight ever again, that’s for sure! And I appreciate what you do for me too. Bringing the horse and cart over to me in the forest saves me so much time. And I like to spend time with you too.

Beginning to ramble now, son. You must think I’m getting old. Don’t worry, I won’t say any of this to your mum. This is your home. I doubt whether you’ll get to have one of your own with how small you are and the cost of everything nowadays. Blood is thicker than water, they say, and quite right too. It’s just that I was wondering…how would you feel about going away on another adventure, Tom?

Ah, that sounds like your mum laughing in the kitchen. You must be telling her one of your farfetched stories or showing her one of your tricks. I wonder, what if you taught me one of your tricks? One of your old tricks. Wouldn’t that be good? Teach me one of your tricks and, then, maybe, I could go off on an adventure all of my own! Wouldn’t that be something? That really would be something.?

Well, It’s nearly teatime. I’d better go see what you two are up to. I just wanted to say this to you. I am so very proud of you, son, proud of how you’ve faced up to everything that’s come your way in your young life and of all you’ve achieved. I love you very much.

You will hate this but have a big 20 second hug from me.

It might be time for cake…

Lots of love,



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