a penny pomegranate novella (part four)

On the way into the greengrocer’s, he overheard her voice and checked back. She was wpid-20141223_174427.jpgtalking with a friend outside on the pavement in front of the boxes of broccoli and beetroot. So, she was working today. He went inside and picked up basket. But it was only when he was waiting to pay that she came up and stood next to him. ‘Certificate?’ she said. ‘Printing error,’ I answered. ‘Couldn’t print it out. Still cost me 25 dollars, though.’ ‘Next week, then. I’m looking forward to seeing it.’ ’Oh, you will, no problem. It’s only a nodule/elementary 1 pomegranate pipping certificate, you know. It doesn’t show you every thing and I’m still disappointed I’ve not had the chance to see your topslicing skills. You only have to put on a simple demo and it’s all clear then.’ ‘I would but the boss won’t let me.’ ‘Have you asked him?’ ‘Yes and he said no. He won’t let me.’

‘Well, can’t you just rustle something up, while he’s out on his lunch? He’ll thank you for it in the long run. You’ve got an hour. How long would it take? It’d be worth it. You could even film it, add something new, something different to the High Street. Just think, you’d be doing the general fruit and veg-buying public a great service.’ ‘Boss won’t let me.’

‘Well, anyway, I still haven’t seen any of this top slicing technique on YouTube. How are we ever going to learn if you don’t teach us?’ ‘The boss won’t let me. I’ve asked him. We’re too busy. What more can I do?’ ‘Well, I think that’s a great waste…where is he, anyway? In the back?’ ‘He’s just popped out for 10 minutes. Make sure you bring your certificate in with you next Saturday. Don’t forget!’ ‘Not likely. I won’t forget, unlike some. I’ll see you next week, then.’ ‘See yer!’ ‘See yer!’


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