a penny pomegranate novella (part five)

Back home, he got his crayons out but it was soon clear his teacher at school had a point when he advised him to choose something else, anything but Art. He tried working with pastels, pencil, even charcoal. You can make anything look good in charcoal, he thought but it was no good. God loves a trier but it was just too messy. Instead, he turned to Publisher on his computer, quickly found a suitable template and began creating.It wasn’t one that would fool anyone, really, just for a bit of fun.

wpid-20141224_095958.jpgHe returned to the greengrocer’s in less than a week because it was Christmas and the holidays. He had put a copy of the certificate inside his veg bag and was feeling more and more excited, looking forward to seeing the look on her face. But she wasn’t there. Maybe, she was in the back? He took his time, buying the apples and pears he needed, before making for the till. He recognised the young woman from the previous Saturday. ‘I’ve brought my certificate in to show the other woman…it’s my elementary nodule one…about the pomegranate pipping. Do you remember? I was in on Saturday. I did this online and I don’t think she believed me.‘ ‘D’you mean Debbie? She’s not working today. She’s not well.’

‘Oh, well, he thought, then he sensed the moment and passed the certificate to the assistant. She ran her eyes over it and was about to hand it him back. ‘At least, you can tell her you’ve seen it.’ She shot him a quick look and then gave it a more careful read. ‘It’s my Corsairea nodule. It’s not printed that great. The ink on my printer’s going, otherwise you’d be able to make out the college stamp better. ’ She was really studying it now. ‘It’s a really interesting fruit, the pomegranate, you know. Got all sorts of properties, goes back to Roman times…the juice is meant to be good for you. I’m only on Nodule One, so, early days. Anyway, best be off. Will you tell her I hope she is feeling better and I’ll probably see her on Saturday.’ He picked up his hempbag and turned to go, ‘Merry Christmas!’ and he gave her and everyone in the shop a wave and a smile. ‘Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too!’ she called after him.


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