Deep unto deep

Deep unto deep,wpid-20150523_140612.jpg

Why am I afraid

to love…you?

I do…I think…I waver.

It seems strange to me,

to return your love,

for I know you are there

and that you love me.


I suppose I live with fear

and don’t know how to reach your peace.

I stumble, with eyes closed,

into furniture and holes,

digging myself out or deeper in.

Deep unto deep,

maybe, I’ll meet you down there, Lord,

down there, deep in my heart?


I feel you with me, near me, in me.

Help me to weave my thoughts and feelings together,

so that I feel your love and peace,

the embrace of a loving father,

and can share it with others in return.



3 thoughts on “Deep unto deep

  1. As ever, Bernie, an inspirational read, with your words resonating deep in me. Blessings dear Friend, from Richard

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