Where are you, God?

Where are you, God? wpid-20150523_140619.jpg

You’re here in every part of me,

in every place I’ve ever been.

You know me well.

You formed me, shaped me,

made and are still making me,

though I turn away and hide

in the dark,

where your light finds me,

nourishes me,

cherishes me,

helps me overcome my fears.

I love the darkness.

That’s where you shine your marvellous light.

I like to soar like the eagle,

seeking and finding your mysteries,

just a few of them.

There are so many.

Help me grow, overcome my lingering doubts,

to say thanks for being there,

finding me again,

me finding you.

I am filled with your wonder.


After Psalm 139 in the New International Version of the Bible


Further Reading:

  •  Praying with the Psalms by Nan Merrill, a lovely re-interpretation of the Psalms for today
  • The Message Bible, a 20th century translation of the Bible in American English, which is clear, though some of the words and phrases are becoming dated, as happens with language, but also give it great charm

3 thoughts on “Where are you, God?

  1. Lucky mum, it’s lovely but she probably wouldn’t get it; but can the brilliant new MSc graduate accept it for him too? Can he combine God of the Universe 10 nano seconds before the big bang with his physics & maths, or would he think his dad had flipped as my scientist son does of us? Congratulations to him and proud dad. A 1st in a science degree is not a micky mouse degree like so many these days but should be a ticket to the green pastures. May it be so and you can keep that smile on your face a bit longer! love Marion

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