A Psalm for me and anyone else, who cares to read or hear it

I      I am your loving and obedient sheep. wpid-20150523_140625.jpg

I have followed you all my life.

Though I hid from you, and strayed,

You have led me back to the path of peace and love.

  II     What’s changed?

Why do we still have leaders,

who fill their heads with power

and people who fill their hearts

with what they don’t have,

watching with greed and jealousy?

So it was 5000 years ago, God.

We haven’t learned to love one another

and trust in you still.


  III     I fear that we haven’t learned anything,

that we must learn it again all over,

leading us to terrible retribution and suffering.

For millions, it is happening now here on our planet.

Will it happen?

And can it be otherwise?

  IV    I hope

that young and old

will join with you

in talking about peace,

in marching for peace,

that the people of the world hold hands,

revealing you at the centre of our being

So that all get fair shares

and the earth’s abundance

is open to everyone.

I am your loving and obedient sheep.

I will follow you all the rest of my days.

I hope in peace and love.

2 thoughts on “A Psalm for me and anyone else, who cares to read or hear it

  1. I cannot believe what a long way you have come since we met. It’s a delight to plot your path!
    Such an original idea to write a psalm. I dont think I’ve ever known anyone to write one since King David! SO glad this inner peace is making you so happy and I hope you have a wonderful holiday. I’m off to Wales & Bristol for a few days and cannot wait! Love M

    • Not so original, it was the final part of the course on the psalms at Woodbrooke Quaker study centre. Nan Merrill has written a wonderful book, Praying with the Psalms, in which she has interpreted each psalm in a most moving and loving way.
      Enjoy Wales and the West country!

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